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About Linda

Canadian in America, passionate about strengthening community.

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My work philosophy

is informed by my lived experience, where I have always had one foot in the public or private sector, and the other in local or international development. Throughout my career, I have supported the International Red Cross and Red Crescent across continents, government agencies in the U.S., and private corporations in Canada.


I am honored to be a Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna. My lifelong learning is bolstered by my formal education: Master of International Development Policy from Duke University and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.


Based in Seattle in the U.S., my family and I love exploring the Pacific Northwest, its extraordinary food options, and visiting family in Canada.


I have been honored to partner with values-driven organizations. They are led by extraordinary people committed to strengthening their communities. I am proud of what we have accomplished together.



Both countries share the same celebrities and brands. Yet as a Canadian in America, I am fascinated by the nuances of each national system, sometimes small, sometimes gargantuan. Sometimes, I document my observations. May my musings be received as questions driven by curiosity, and a desire to strengthen community on both sides of the border.

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